Become the Media – A crossmedia documentary

As we see the traditional media landscape disintegrating, a new generation of street journalists is emerging, reporting directly from their own streets and communities, to a worldwide online audience. They are re-defining what is news and who is a newsmaker.

Who tells the stories that matter? Who owns your voice?

BECOME THE MEDIA – Short teaser

Become the Media is not only a documentary but part of a bigger movement. We aim to raise $36,000 so that we can keep developing this film into a tool of which we can all partake in and be part of changing the worldview narrative for the better. We will follow the personal lives of these journalists and investigate how the media shapes people’s perception of the world.

The documentary Become the Media portrays the everyday struggles of street journalists, who armed with smartphones and cameras fight to give a voice to the voiceless. By exposing abuse, inequalities and telling stories that are genuine to themselves and their communities, they are advocating with the marginalized and serving as a counter-weight against the narrow world view upheld by mainstream news media. These media activists show how ordinary people can speak up, question the status quo, and advocate for human rights, true social change and equality.

New technology has made it simple to produce one’s own news at a very low cost. A smartphone can sidestep the mainstream media’s distribution channels, in turn providing platform for new narratives. The street journalists we portray here have taken charge of these new technologies, producing their own content through a grassroots perspective, not bound by traditional journalistic perceptions of objectivity.

As these technologies have changed the way news are being made and spread, they are also constantly changing the way films are produced, formatted and spread. Due to rich interactive and even immersive media formats, film content is not necessarily bound to the traditional linear 90 minute feature format anymore.

We want to embrace and experiment with these exciting developments, by not only creating a documentary film, but also creating an online experience, that uses the research and filmed material to create an interactive experience, encompassing numerous formats.

Right now, we are in the stage of crafting a rough concept what this online platform could be and we welcome your ideas and suggestions!


We believe in a more humane world. We believe that through connections whether they be through the visual medium or print, we can see the world through each other’s eyes. By pledging to this campaign you are bringing people closer together. With our funding goal of $36,000 we aim to bring you a film that portrays the people on the ground and also create a platform for all of us to be able to connect. We want to keep following the personal and lived experiences that are genuine to the journalists themselves and their communities.

Street journalism is changing the narrative of what is seen and heard in the world.

Your contribution would mean the world to us, but sharing our project is equally of importance so thank you a million  for your support.


We will be updating our rewards with some pictures during our journey. We have some pretty cool ones that can be used by any journalists and soon-to-be journalists so check out our reward list.

As much as we would like to give you this documentary and platform tomorrow, there are many stages and challenges to overcome before we are done with the final film. We aim to be done in 2017 but no need to worry, most of your rewards will be sent out way before then.



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Become the Media – A crossmedia documentary
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